Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess Who Came To See Us!!!

The Easter Bunny!
So Tuesday, Blake is out pressure-washing the driveway after I dumped out a bunch of dirt out of our baby trees' buckets attempting to get all the water out from the monsoon that had come the night before (I didn't want them to drown!) when I see some movement in the grass beside our bushes! And I'm like is that! And I see his little tail hippity hoppity-ing over to our neighbor's house! So, naturally I go get the camera to take pictures :) I was afraid he would get scared and run away so I stayed really far away and zoomed in on the camera which according to my husband made all the pictures not so great for the ole blog....darn. But at least I got two! Focusing on the brighter things, right? And look at how cute he is all nestled in the grass!
(He thought we couldn't see him....well, that's what I think...technically I don't speak rabbit so I really have no idea, but judging by the fact that he didn't high-tail it out of there I'm thinking he thought he was safe) :) Oh I'm also assuming he's a he....maybe this is the easter bunny's wife...who knows!
Okay, back to the real world....not much else happened...we gave him some lettuce and left him alone so he wouldn't run out in the road or something. But it totally made my day! How perfect for Easter!!!
So, have any of you seen any easter bunnies around your place? Or have you just made your own cute decorative bunnies inside?

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