Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So let me begin by saying I am super sorry for not posting in the past like million years! Wow school has been crazy hectic and when I said I was back in my previous post, the stress was just beginning. I still have finals, quizzes, papers, and exams left in this semester that is a mere 2 weeks from being complete (where has the time gone??), but I have decided to not skip out on the things I love (i.e. blogging) for the stuff I could do without (i.e. television)! So I am officially back :)
So here's what I have for you today: Due to the fact that my life has been so hectic here lately I really haven't had time to actually do anything blog worthy, but the rest of the blogosphere has! So I will show you some things that I totally heart and long to do one day when my world is not full of bologna sandwich like building a future by killing my present (i.e. school). All self-pity aside, school isn't that bad when you don't procrastinate (which I am an expert at leading to my present busy-ness). Anyways, Here we go!

I love this picture! I am thinking about getting a bunch of my sisters together and having them make this sign, a heart, and our Alpha Xi sign! That way it could be peace, love, and Alpha Xi Delta (which is one of my favorite quotes in sorority world) :) And then I would want to have it printed super big so that it could hang in my house somewhere and remind me that together we can achieve peace, love, and alpha xi delta!! :)

This is shaping up to be the color scheme of Blake and my new bedroom (once we sell our house and are no longer worried with what potential home buyers will like). I am going back and forth between the brown because it seems a little so last year but I will probably go back and forth for like months and finally decide to go with this scheme after all (I just know myself) ;)

I'm also considering this color scheme! I haven't run this one by the hubs yet, so I feel like it will probably not pass that test, but I love how the dark color draws you in while the lime says "let's have fun!" If we don't do this in the bedroom I would be aye-okay with doing this in another room like the dining room or the guest bedroom :)

I love love love this super dark wood! And super exciting! So does Blake!! Yippee! I love the contrast between the dark wood and the white just looks so modern! And I am such a sucker for anything modern :) Of course I also love color, so I highly doubt this color scheme would work for me, but throw some gray on the walls and lime green pillows on that white couch and we might have a game plan! But who knows! Tons of time to decide :)

Speaking of my love for modern, how amazing is this faucet?? The super cool thing about it is the color under the water changes based on the temperature of the water! If it is red it is hot, blue it is cold, and fuchsia it is juuuust right ;) I am in awe and in love...I want one!!

These I would love for the kitchen! They are just so...kitcheny! 

This is one of those mega-love-but-would-cost-way-to-much-to-actually-have things...But a girl can dream right? I mean what's not to love about this patio? Actually to call it a patio is an about this oasis? Yeah, that sounds about right...with all the greenery and the pop of grass from under the wood and the fountain that encases the whole place, I think oasis would describe it just right :)

Speaking of the outdoors, how cute is this diy yard flag from Peace, Love, and 2 Sisters?? It is made of burlap, an old yard flag sticky thing (that's a technical term), and some outdoor acrylic paint. How adorable! Totally want to do this like tomorrow!

Also I love this blue for a wreath! We're trying to bring some color onto our front porch and I think this would do just the trick!

And last but certainly not least, my laundry room inspiration from Centsational Girl! I love the brightness and happiness of this room. I am terrible about not doing my laundry, so maybe having a cheerful place that is so super cute would help me with my laundry procrastination! Or maybe I'll just walk by and be like "aww so cute...I'll do the laundry later..." Either way, I love it!!!!

So those are some of the things in my inspiration folder! Hopefully I can stop long enough to actually make some of them a reality in my home!
What do you guys think? Any suggestions for bedroom color schemes? Or how about ways to make me do my laundry?? Hope you are having a fantastic day! :)

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