Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am certainly not the first in the blogging world to talk about Pinterest! It seems to have hit the blog world by storm here lately!! I found out about it through Sherry at Young House Love and then a bunch of the other blogs I follow started talking about it.

Pinterest is a website that collects images that you want and shows you (and whoever else finds your images) where you found it. I requested an invite and about 3 or 4 days later I got my link to start pinning! I installed a "Pin It" button at the top of my Google Chrome browser and now whenever I find something awesome, I just click that button, choose the image I want, type a brief description, and voila! No more saving to My Pictures and hoping I remember where I found it! No more having a paragraph for a photo description so I can remember how much something costs or what store it is from!

I started using it for the usual decorating stuff (like cute wreaths, martha stewart tutorials, room inspiration, etc.), but then I started using it to collect ideas for Fall recruitment! Now I have where I am getting things from and how much they cost and I can just send a link to my page to my advisors to get things approved instead of having to send them an email! Aye-maXIng!!!!

You should definitely get one, start pinning, and then follow me!! Here's my link: Click Me! Go check it out! You are sure to be amazed! Or have you already been amazed since I am apparently super late jumping on this bandwagon?
Either way Happy Pinning! :)

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