Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Gifts

We had a great Father's Day! It was so good to see our families and get to spend time with them! (It's amazing how difficult it gets to see family once you get married/get more responsibility! Or maybe it's because we moved 45 minutes away from our families...have I mentioned I'm ready to sell our house!!??!!) Anywho, we started our father's day with going to church and we had 10 babies dedicated!!! Gah they were so cute!! And our associate pastor Jim McCann IV gave an incredible sermon! (You can hear his stuff on Then we headed over to my grandmother's house to have father's day and birthday lunch (my dad's birthday was June 9th and my uncle's birthday was Sunday). So we got to eat some delicious home cooking and give my dad his presents! We got him a laptop lap desk so he can do school work (he's going to UAB for nursing) or just surf the internet wherever he wants to and have it be comfy! And we got him this cute cup:

Every time I see him he always has a cup with a straw in it! So I figured I'd make it easier to carry! This has a twist-on top and the straw won't fall out! And I heart that saying on it :)

After we left my grandmother's house, we went to Blake's grandparents' house and spent some time with his family! I'm really blessed to have in-laws that I actually enjoy being around and feel like a legit part of the family when I'm with them! We got Blake's dad a blue otter box for his iPhone! It's so cool looking...well I guess you can decide if it's actually cool looks like this:

We were a bit surprised when we got to Blake's grandparents' house and he had his iPhone in an otterbox! (We had good intel that he wanted a blue otterbox...) But it turns out that he already had one but he saw the blue one and liked that better. So he can pass his black otterbox to someone else with an iPhone (like the person who gave us the intel) lol It all turned out peachy though! He was happy to have his blue otterbox so we were happy that you know...we got something that he liked :) Then we went to Chili's (YUM!) and then we went home! (Actually, we did a little detour to get my purse that I left at my grandmother's house...oops!) lol

So we had a great father's day! How were y'all's father's days? Get your father's anything awesome? Do tell!

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