Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Heart Shopping

This past weekend was Blake and my first wedding anniversary and so we went to Atlanta, GA to celebrate! I took pictures and made a couple of videos so I'll be sure to share them all once I get them edited and what not. But today I wanted to show you what I got while we were there! I LOVE going to Atlanta because that is where the nearest Ikea is and I'm in love with Ikea. But I'm not in love with the fact that almost none of their stuff is available to purchase online. Blake and I actually had a lovely conversation over an Ikea hotdog about why this is, but we didn't really figure out anything...sigh. Anywho! We went to Ikea on the last day of our trip and so we had already reached our budget for what we wanted to spend while we were in Atlanta so I didn't get to buy everything I wanted to buy, but I did get to buy enough to have some fun with!

I bought two sets of Merete curtains for $19.99 each (which are the same ones that I bought for the office on our first Ikea trip). Here's a picture of them:

I got them in white so that we could dye them whatever color we want! We bought these for our bedroom and I couldn't decide what color I wanted...originally I was going to go with a brown and orange theme for our bedroom, but then I changed my mind and I haven't really made it up yet. 

Right now we have a dark gray comforter that we both aren't really fans of, so we're going to make a change eventually we just haven't decided to what we will be changing. I'm leaning towards a blue and gray room...but that may change basically all of that to say, we bought white curtains so that we could dye them whatever color we want when the time comes. And I'll give y'all the play-by-play when we do, but if you want to know how to do it now, the guys over at Young House Love have already done it and you can find that tutorial here.

We also picked up this door mat for only $4.99:

The plan for that little guy is to paint it! After we purchased the new patio furniture, made new pillows, and made a new wreath, the old gray and very manly door mat just wasn't going to work anymore! So I'm going to paint this with probably some bright happy colors to welcome our guests! :)

And finally we bought four 5x7 white frames (found here for $3.99 for two) and two 8.5x11 white frames (found here for $1.99 each) so I can do some fun stuff with scrapbook paper, printables, and anything else I can find on Pinterest :)

I think I'll have bunches of fun with these things (if I can decide what exactly I want to do with all of them! That's my worst enemy! Indecision! Well, that and procrastination) :) 

So what do y'all think about the million questions I posed in this post? What colors do you think would be good for our curtains? Any ideas on what to paint on our new door mat? Or how about ideas for the frames we bought?

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