Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring Wreath!

I have finally done it! After oogling over a million Spring wreaths for weeks, I have finally made my own! Yaaaaay! :)
I've been trying to bring in some more color onto our porch so that when potential home buyers drive by they notice our house! I added some patio furniture and some pillows to our front porch and the next thing on my list to do was to add a colorful wreath to the door! Blake and I decided we wanted a rectangular wreath since that looks modern and round wreaths look more girly (thought Blake) ;) So off to Hobby Lobby I went! I thought they had paper mache or chip board frames, but they didn't so I had to go to the frame section. Luckily they were 50% off so I got our frame for $8! More than I wanted to spend, but really good considering what we got! And I got an M to paint and put on our wreath. I had already gotten yarn and glue :) Here's how it turned out:

Notice that around the corners, it doesn't get all thick and stuff. That was a bit of a challenge, but once I figured out how I was going to do it, it was super easy! Here's what I mean by thick around the corners:

It's not that it's not cute, it's just not what I wanted with mine :)
So here's how I did mine!

I wrapped the yarn normally around all the sides of the frame, but I skipped the corners and moved over to the other side of the frame (like the three corners below)

Then I cut some strips of yarn (mine took about 30 per corner):

Ran some tacky glue along the edge of the seam where each side meets (it's diagonal) and then put the pieces of yarn on that string so that it looked like this:

Then I did the other side of the seam:

And I put glue along the outside edge of the frame to glue the pieces of yarn down:

Then you do that to the remaining three corners and voila! A yarn frame for your wreath that doesn't get all thick around the corners!

Once I finished that, I made some flowers out of scrap fabric I had left over from my pillows and some random fabric that I have no clue where I got it from. lol

For the M, I mixed two paint colors together so that I didn't have to go buy more paint. I mixed some white and a turquoise color to make a more springy, pastel blue :) Then painted the M an off-white and taped off a chevron print and painted it with the pastel blue I made. Oh and I glued the flowers and the M on with hot glue. So far nothing has fallen off and it's been three days so I think we're good, but if it falls off I'll be sure to let you guys know in case you want to try this! :)

You might be wondering why I haven't put a picture up of it actually on my front door, well the reason is that it's really hard to find a wreath holder in the Spring! I'm having to order one online because all my local stores aren't carrying them right now! Sad face! So when I get the wreath holder in, I'll be sure to let y'all see it! :)

So, have you guys put up a spring wreath? Or any other kind of spring/summer decorations around your house? Does your craft area look like mine, totally destroyed? Or are you a tidy crafter? :)

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  1. It turned out great and I love the monogram. THanks for linking to the party. I hope you'll join again next time too.