Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring...Well, Summer Cleaning

Yesterday was just craft-tastic! I did lots of stuff that you will see in the coming days! One of those things started last night at about 11:30 after the hubs and I got finished eating our Taco Bell! (We eat terribly and at terrible times, but eventually we won't be able to so we figure we might-as-well eat how we want while we can) :) We started organizing our garage! A couple of weeks ago while Blake was mowing the grass, I decided I wanted our garage to not look like a jungle, so I started sweeping and picking up small things and putting them in a pile and moving our outside equipment around, but without shelves, it still looked like a jungle even though I worked so hard! *sigh*

This weekend we bought a lot of stuff for all the crafty things I wanted to do for our house and while we were out we stopped by the shelving area in Wal-Mart and decided to use those handy gift cards from our wedding to get some! We would love to get the super legit ones that can hold like an airplane or something, but those unfortunately are out of our budget. We thought about getting some wire shelf ones, but I was nervous that with some of the smaller things that we have, some stuff would fall through the cracks or fall over or somethings, so we went with a 5 shelf shelving unit that has solid mdf shelves. I looked for a picture but couldn't find one on WalMart's website and I'm doing this post from campus instead of at home so I may upload a picture later of what we have :) It was only $35 so we got 2 and only one has been assembled so far, but Blake wasn't extremely pleased with it. It feels a little wobbly and it says it will hold 900 pounds but when he put some weight on one of the shelves when the whole unit wasn't complete it bent a that's either because the unit wasn't put together all the way or because it was $35 and you get what you pay for! So far it's holding up though! And he's considering keeping the other one (we were going to return it) so although it's no airplane-holding-shelf it may do for us!

With the help of our new shelf and about an hour and a half of work we went from this: (this is technically a "during" picture because I totally forgot about taking a before picture!)

To This: (Cue fancy bling sound)

Not to shabby :) It'll get better once we give away all the stuff in our give away pile (located behind the lawnmower). And Blake likes to have the lawnmower and pressure washer easily accessible which is why they aren't following the rest of the items in there and are being rebels by facing the garage door! Also, once the other shelf is assembled it will go where that silver table is in the back. It'll form an aisle of sorts so we can store stuff on either side of the shelf instead of just the front if we were to push it against the wall horizontally.

I'm pretty pumped about our garage not looking like death! Maybe one day my car will fit in there too! But that may just be wishful thinking ;) I know! We should get a three car garage! One section for all our random stuff that can't stay outside and two for our cars! Or we could get a storage shed....that'd be kinda cool....oh the wheels are turning now! See what this blog does for me? (if Blake were here, he would say "makes you spend more money" but then I would say "makes me more innovative!") You know, focusing on the brighter things and all :)

How have y'all's Spring Cleaning activities been going? (Can I call this Spring Cleaning? Maybe Summer cleaning since it's technically May...when the heck does Summer start anyway? I say it starts after classes are over, so it's summer to me!) :)

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