Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Awesomeness of Dollar Tree!

I have discovered the awesomeness of the Dollar Tree! Before being introduced to the DIYers of the blogosphere, I was less than impressed with the Dollar Tree, because I was looking for things that didn't need any work. I was looking for something that looked great and was quality and just generally awesome in a store that sold things for a dollar! What was I thinking! But now that I follow a bunch of blogs that take something that is less than great and make it something awesome (with usually not much more than a can of spray paint) I went into the dollar tree this weekend with fresh eyes! And I found some good stuff! One of those things was the non-slip drawer liners. I had no idea they sold drawer liners at the dollar store! And I had no idea the difference they would make!

Our master bathroom drawers are full of stuff that we use everyday! I actually organized them a couple of weeks ago to cut down on the clutter and hopefully make the drawers look like civilized people used them, but when we would open or close the drawer, the stuff would move everywhere and mess up the organization that I worked so hard on! Here's what they looked like:

They don't really look like someone took an hour and a half out of their day to organize them do they? **sigh** But not to worry! Enter these lovely dollar tree finds!

Those little white bowls are so cute and perfect! I thought I was going to have to get some tiny pot holders (six for a dollar at Dollar Tree!) but then I found these! They were a dollar a piece, but I wouldn't have to spray paint them and they have cute little designs around the rim!

So with about 20 minutes of taking everything out of the drawers, cutting the drawer liner to size, and deciding where to put everything back in the drawers, I had bathroom drawers that don't make me cringe when I open them! YAY! Here's how they look now!

As you can see, I only had use of two of those cute white bowls, so I have three left over to do some more organizing with! Yay!

And I had a little bit left over in my drawer liner roll, so I put it to good use! My kitchen drawer, which I organized with a shoe organizer was also having some problems with stuff moving around when I would open it. I didn't have enough liner left to cover the whole kitchen drawer, but I had enough to do what I needed! Here's the before and after :)



I'm now realizing that the drawer liner is not centered on the rolling pin (funny how you notice things in pictures that you don't notice in real life), so I will be fixing that momentarily (yes, I am that OCD lol).

So how about you guys? Have y'all hit up the dollar store lately and found stuff that you loved? Or have y'all spent hours on organizing drawers only to have them look hideous as soon as you open and close them like twice?

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