Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Circle of Life

As you know, I've been trying to up our curb appeal lately so we can sell our house. It started with sprucing up the garden area, then buying some outdoor furniture from Ikea, and then I just needed some extra color to draw eyes to our house! I searched FOREVER for pillows and accessories for our patio furniture, trying to decide what color, what I wanted on the table, how much I wanted to spend, you know all the fun stuff that comes with decor decisions. I found these on Pier 1's website and immediately fell in love:
What I didn't love was the price...okay the price isn't that bad, I'm just super cheap frugal, and I didn't want to pay $40 for two pillows! But I finally just gave up after searching around for a better deal for another 2 weeks and debating whether I should just make one. I decided to buy these, because the price difference between me making some and having them already made and cute was just not that much. So off to Pier 1 I went! 

When I got there though, I saw that my monitor's colors must be way off, because the color of the actual pillows were waaay darker and really not a cute springy color like at all. But I figured I would give them a try, I could always return them, right? So I purchased them with a Visa gift card from my aunt and went on home. I also bought this thing for the table which I totally love:

So I get home and sure enough, I hate the pillows. They're just too dark. I want something that makes me smile and think spring when I'm walking into my house! So back to Pier 1 I went. Unfortunately, the gift card which I thought was reloadable was not reloadable at all so I got stuck with a Pier 1 gift card instead. Which stinks because I could have used that gift card to get the fabric for the pillow I was now going to have to make, but it doesn't stink too much because it's still Pier 1 which is totally awesome. :)

So, that is the story of the circle of life, or at least the circle of patio decor decisions. I ended up making the pillows for outside, and I will be putting up a tutorial shortly about that! Spoiler Alert: I can't sew, and I wanted a pillow that looked a lot like the ones from Pier 1!

Has this happened to y'all? Went around and around in your head, finally decide, and then realize that what you thought you would get doesn't look like what you thought it would? Totally frustrating! But it brings out the creativity so no worries :)

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