Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Happenings: Success!

I mentioned in this post that Blake and I were going to Ikea for the first time and I am super excited to say it was a success (and we are officially impressed with Ikea)! Here's what we got:

These curtains (which were the less expensive ones mentioned in Friday's post, because Blake said the others were too girly lol) we got for $19.99 for two panels! I am so impressed with these, they don't feel or look like I paid 20 bucks for them! (Pictures soon to come!) :)

We also got these: They were only $4.99 a piece and I am going to be diy-ing some art for the kitchen soon!

And finally we got these! (I knew we would get the better looking table!) We got the chairs for $24.99 a piece and $34.99 for the table. When we first put the table out there, we thought the table was a bit too tall for the chairs, but after we kept looking at it, it grew on us (and it really is the perfect height when you're sitting in the chairs). I think the wood color is perfect also! It brings in enough red to coordinate with the lava rock but still looks great next to the house. We'll be bringing in some more color soon to help it stand out more like maybe some pillows and some flowers!


And here Blake made me sit in the chair...he wouldn't let me not do it! So here it is ;)

We ended up getting all of this stuff for $124! Yippee! We're super excited! It is safe to say that Ikea has my heart (unfortunately, the closest Ikea is 2 and a half hours away...sad face), but now we know how awesome Ikea is (and their!) so if we're ever in the Atlanta area, we are sooo there! :)
I hope you all had an awesome weekend! What did you do? Get out and work in the yard? Just relax? Went shopping? Focused on The Brighter Things? (I know you did) ;)

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