Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Shoe box, Some Fabric, Some Tacky Glue, Scissors, and A Spoon! Sounds Like Party Time To Me!

I have a crafty post for you today! Yesterday I was looking at Better Homes and Gardens' organizing profile for myself (after taking a survey, which you can take here!) and one of the ideas for my kind of organizing personality (which was "Schoolteacher" bee tee dubs) was getting shoe box sized containers to hold craft supplies or fabrics. Well, I didn't have a plastic one like the one on the website (it was all cute and clear and organized), but I did have a shoe box! So, I decided to make a fabric/sewing supplies box so I can be better organized!
Here's what I started out with:

**Notice the mountain dew can...aka my bff** ;)
And this fabric I already had from over-zealously buying fabric to make a pillow, then realizing I didn't have the rest of the stuff to make it (nor the knowledge).

I started out sitting at my desk,

but attempting to assemble something while taking pictures on a 5" surface=not-so-good! 
So a tip from me: Take it to the table...or the floor if you're like me :)
Then I basically wrapped it like a Christmas present! I measured about how much fabric I would need:

 Then I cut that out! (side note, I'm not actually left handed, but I haven't quite figured out the art of cutting while taking a picture) :)

Next, I got my handy friend Mr. Tacky Glue (because I haven't gotten around to getting Mr. Hot Glue)

Then I tried to squeeze the glue out and wow was it difficult!!! So, I introduced Mr. Tacky Glue to Mrs. Spoon and we all just had a grand ole time!

And this was the end product of the lid:

 The lid was waaaay easier than the actual box part!

Next, I moved on to the box using the same wrapping paper method, but when I got to the actual gluing part, it got a bit difficult...I kept ending up with the lines not going the right way or the fabric getting wrinkly. So, I did what any wrapping paper veteran would do...I cut it!

But, when I put everything together, I ended up with some kind-of icky seams...

 But, I didn't want to start over, so I'm doing a trial method. I glued down the seams so they weren't sticking out awkwardly and put some yarn that I had lying around around the box to draw my (and anyone else's) eyes away from the ickiness. Giving me this:

So far, I love it! But, if I notice the seams too much *slash* they get on my nerves, I'll just redo the bottom part without cutting the fabric and just fold like a crazy person :)
I'm super excited about this project! I just love the fabric! It looks so "I'm cute but I can totally get the job done," which is basically my goal in life! ;)

What do you guys think? Would the open seams totally drive you nuts? Or are you one of those super cool people that are completely chill about everything? How would you have fixed my little seam issue? Or the glue-not-coming-out issue for that matter?

I hope you all are having a wonderful day and are focusing on The Brighter Things! After all, Spring is just around the corner for all of my Western hemisphere natives, so that's something to be excited about, right?! I think so :)

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