Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy Bees!

Around the McDermott house, we have been busy little bees! Once I got those curtains from Ikea, I wanted to get them up as quickly as possible. But, I'm not the handiest woman in the world (although I am trying to be!!), so I needed to wait for Blake to have a free moment to help me (I'm convinced he's one of the busiest people in the world). Which, that wasn't a huge deal because I had quite the preparatory work to do before we could put them up anyway! I needed to decide on a new layout for the furniture, move the couch, move my desk, and vacuum like crazy before we could put them up. Then, once we put them up, we needed to move the piano and accessories, and then attempt to put all of our stuff back to where we could find everything again (namely our floor)! 
As usual I got ahead of myself and moved the couch before I took a Before just imagine with me! Here's the office before all the lovely changes!
 My desk (disregard the unorganized chaos ensuing here...I'm working on it!) :)

And here's Blake's piano!
So, I moved my desk out of the way and vaccuumed and then was like " ready?" **imagine Blake sighing** and then we went to putting up the curtains! (I'll give you a full play by play of that action tomorrow) :)

Then we put everything back in order (after moving the piano a million different ways and being like "I don't know....let me think about it" More sighing....and finally....I like that! (cue yays!) :)
Then we have this result:
(don't judge my white balance...I still just haven't conquered that camera yet...)

Here's Blake's pictures (waaay better than mine...jealous)

And here's where my wee little desk in its new place!

And here's some before and after action:
It really looks way better in person....I'm gonna figure out the white balance issue and when I do I'll be sure to let y'all see some more accurate to color images :) Also, that red table is going to be painted black as soon as the temperature gets back to the 70s (so I can paint outside)!
What do you guys think? You like it? The curtains make all the difference for me!

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