Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The Old

Once Valentine's Day was over, I figured it was time to put our house back in regular order. (I am totally one of those people that wants to decorate the house for every holiday possible) But, when we started putting everything back together again (not like all the kings' horses and all the kings' men....hope you got that Humpty Dumpty reference lol), I started to realize that I didn't really like our setup...I don't have a picture, but it just didn't have any umph. It still isn't exactly what I'm wanting, but considering it cost us zero dollars to put together, I can't complain! And we have a few more ideas in mind so hopefully there will be a new post soon! :) So, here's the new mantle decor:

The mirror we found at Target for around $20 back when we first got married. We have been using it for a full length mirror, but when we were searching for new stuff to put up, Blake had the brilliant idea to turn it sideways and use it as some mantle decoration! 
The painting we had from Sips'n'Strokes all ready. I wanted to put it up in the dining room, but once we held it up on the wall, we determined that it just did not go at all! Then I saw the colors and looked at the mantle and *ding* (picture a light bulb above my head)!
The thingies on the sides were from Home Goods and the fake grass was from Hobby Lobby, both of which we all ready had, we just had them sitting on the ground. 
That cute little flower-picture next to those tall grass holder things was a gift from someone from our wedding (sorry I don't know where they got it!)
And finally, these two plaques:

We got from Hobby Lobby on clearance for like a dollar each! Yay! :)
And then at the bottom we have:
That same picture from Valentine's Day, and that swirly awesome artsy thing is from Home Goods I believe (it was a gift during Blake's house warming a couple of years ago)!
So, we totally redid our mantle for a grand total of $0 by using stuff we all ready had in our home!!

Although I did sneak in a little holiday cheer! I painted this little guy at Do It Yourself Crafts in Homewood, AL. I wanted to get a pic of it without it being filled to the brim with yummy deliciousness, but Blake had other thoughts (also, I didn't tell So, I got some Easter/Spring fun in our house somewhere :)

So, how about you guys? Have y'all done some new decor stuff on the cheap using things you all ready had?

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