Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day! Yay!

It's Valentine's Day! How exciting!! :) Well, actually I kind-of think Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday and it totally gets on my nerves that I can recognize the marketing ploy that is Valentine's Day but I still have to support it because that's "the thing to do" but! I am still a girl and I am in I figure might-as-well have fun in it, right? (focusing on The Brighter Things remember?) So! I decided to decorate my house while my hubby was out of town!
I didn't have a very big budget (try pretty much nada) so I worked with what I had! Here's the sitch (yes, that is a Kim Possible reference...hope you all got it) ;)

This was what I did on the mantle! I got the X's and O's for our wedding so our guests could play tic tac toe in the garden that our reception was held!
It actually looked like this:

So as you can see they're white, but on the mantle they are pink! I painted them with some craft paint and a spongey brush in different motions so it wasn't just a matte pink X or O and got Blake involved so we got some quality time together! Yay :)
The panting I painted as Sips'n'Strokes with my church women's group and the "McDermotts" thingy was a wedding gift from Blake's aunt who DIYed that!
Then I got some votive candle holders left over from our wedding and some colored sharpies and went to town! Yielding this result:

 And those photos in front of the X's and O's were leftovers from our reception!
Then on the bottom we have:

 Which that painting was also from a church event! We did our own Sips'n'Strokes for the teenage girls for last Valentine's! And that picture was a present from my husband (although then I think he was my boyfriend...maybe fiance...but I think boyfriend) :) And we all ready had all those candles!
So our entire mantle overhaul was done on zero dollars!! Yaaaay!!!! :)

Then I made a new centerpiece for our dining room table! It looks like this:

And As you can see, those are fake flowers I picked up from Hobby Lobby and some Valentine's M&Ms! Then, that vase that I got from Walmart and that Love decor thingy I got from WalMart last year on clearance!

So I decorated for Valentine's Day for a whole total of about $15 dollars! (after I bought the flowers, two  bags of M&Ms, and the vase)!

So what about you guys? How do you get in the Valentine's Day spirit?


  1. I love the picture you painted of the flowers in the vase! Cute!