Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Day!

Well yesterday we got some snow which is usually a really exciting event for us Alabamaians but since this is the fourth "snow" (the last three times it was just ice...) not very many people were excited. However! This time it was actually snow that you could make snowballs and throw at people! Indoors! Next to really expensive electronic equipment!! haha
Anywho, because of where I live, most of the pretty stuff just didn't quite make it (I live on the west side of Birmingham, AL when all of the precipitation usually comes from the east, so by the time it gets to me, the warm air has all ready warmed the precipitation up enough so that it just rains and then freezes...sad day) But this time! I sent Blake (my hubby pants) out to take pictures of the snow before it all melted by the time I got home! And he did a fabulous job! So here they are!

And in honor of our snow day, I share with you my super awesome parody song "Snow On The Ground" (based off of "Pants on the Ground" by that guy from American Idol) ;)

Snow on the ground
Snow on the ground
Feelin' really cold with this snow on the ground
We're all bundled up
Snowman leanin' sideways
Drivin' really slow cuz snow is on the highways!

**If you don't know what song I'm referring to, check it out here!

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