Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some Things That Brighten My Day!

Hi everyone!
I hope your Valentine's/Single's Awarness Day was super dooper awesome!
In light of my blog being called "The Brighter Things" I figured I would share some things that brighten my day so that you can enjoy them too! :)
  1. This is a site that has user-issued content and is in the form of Dear something, ..... Sincerely, something. I must warn you that it is not all wholesome since it is user-issued, but I haven't seen much on there that is totally terrible. And most of them are hilarious! I busted out laughing a couple of times in class today while reading them....which I don't advise btw...not the best way to make your professor think you're on your computer to take notes :)
  2. The Office! I love this show! It's Blake's and my go-to show when we have some time to watch TV together. We watch it on hulu and netflix, but the great thing about The Office is that not only is it hilarious, it's only like 25 minutes long! So you can watch one if you need a quick break to let your mind relax or you can watch 5 if you're bored and have nothing to do!
  3. This is my favorite blog of all time and is what inspired me to want to blog before I was given this assignment! It is a DIY blog and one of the few of its kind that is both a woman and a man writing on it (mostly, DIY blogs are run by the ladies). It's a nice dynamic and gives it a little something unique (and it's totally cute when they talk about their love and baby and all that cuteness) :)
  4. My sorority sisters! I know, totally sappy...but they really do brighten my days! I can't speak for all sororities and definitely not all campuses, but the Alpha Xi Deltas on UAB's campus are amazing. Like every one of my sisters are so nice and I can count on them! I never in a million years thought I would ever be a "sorority girl" but now that I'm here and am one, I can't imagine my life any differently! And you can actually be a believer and still be in a sorority! In fact, what better place to be if you really want to shine your light, right?
  5. Taylor Swift's Speak Now Target Exclusive Album! That thing is amazing and it never fails, it always brightens my day to hear "the stakes are high...the water's rough...but this love is ours" and "do you remember we were sittin' there by the water..." Ah...I just love it! :)
  6. Smallville and Vampire Diaries....enough said.
  7. Sunshine!
  8. Mr. Blake McDermott! I know I'm getting sappy again, and it'll probably be worse this time. But he is truly amazing! He inspires me, challenges me, believes in me, is so creative and intelligent, and he is really my best friend. I can count on him and he's so faithful. And let me just say that if you don't have someone yet, "the one" is well worth the wait. I know that it's easy for me to say that sitting here in cupid's bliss, but just trust me. He or She is so worth it. And if you're with someone that doesn't make you happy 98% of the time....I'm not a fan. Blake and I can get in arguments (although we more have disagreements...we've never really fought) and we can disagree and be annoyed with one another but when it comes down to it, I'm never happier than when I'm with him. It's as simple as that. There is someone out there that can do the same for you. Believe it. I do.
There are probably a million more things that brighten my day that I can't think of at the moment, but mostly it's all about looking for those bright things. Like a heated building on a nasty, freezing day or a rainbow after a bad storm or your friends and family or just the experiences that have made you who you are (good or bad). There is always a light , a silver lining, or a ray of sunshine somewhere. Sometimes they aren't as easy to see but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Just keep looking...and focus on The Brighter Things. :)

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