Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspiration Time

Hi everyone!
I just got finished watching "Beacon," Smallville's 209th episode and it really inspired me, so I figured I would pass along the inspiration!
In this episode, Clark Kent loses hope and needs some inspiration to keep going with his destiny. And that is where Lois Lane comes in. She gets with her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, and compiles all of these videos (that are actual fan made videos sent in to Smallville and chosen to be on the show) and then shows them to Clark and renews his hope.
This inspired me so much, because I think that a lot of times, as women, we think that we are destined to be second. Listed second on the mailing label, last to get voting rights, told that we can't fight on the front lines for our country, or that we are too emotional and therefore can't make rational decisions. But I am here to tell you that this can't be further from the truth. Women are emotional and we don't think everything through logically before making a decision. But that is not a weakness. Would God have made us that way if it were? Why not just go ahead and fix the problem? It's not like he doesn't know how!
No, He didn't change us because there is nothing wrong with us. We can stand up for what we believe in with just as much tenacity as the next person and we can sell it with all of our hearts because that is exactly what's in it: our hearts. And it is our job, ladies, to inspire those around us. There will come a time when your boyfriend, husband, best-friend, brother, father, needs someone to help them move forward. And you can be that! We are here for a purpose, not just to look pretty or to have babies or to cook dinner, we are here to do something in this world. To make it better somehow. That doesn't mean we have to change millions, or even hundreds, it means changing the person sitting next to you on the plane or your sorority sister or the person in your class. Because if each of us decides that we can do it, we will do it.
I believe in you. It's time to start believing in yourselves. And remember, even when looking in the mirror, focus on The Brighter Things.

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