Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spaghetti-o's=Pencil Holder? I think so :)

I have a craft for you guys today! And it's super easy and cheap!!
I made a pencil cup out of a spaghetti-o's can!
Step One: Eat yummy food!
Step Two: Take off the original wrapper and wash out all the remnants of the yummy food, so you end up with this: (disregard the mess, more on what caused that mess a little later)

Step Three: Find some super cute scrapbook paper that appeals to your inner awesomeness! (like this paper did for me):
Step Four: Find some tape and scissors and go to town! (It's easier if you cut the paper a bit too big, then cut slits in your paper at the top and tape as you go around so you don't have lots of icky wrinkles!) Mine ended up like this:
Step Five: If you're like me, this can just looks way to plain, so find some extra scrapbook paper laying around, like this:
Step Six: Find some cute pictures online and either print out a stencil or free-hand it! (I did three different birds, because if you don't know me, I am SUPER indecisive) :)
Step Seven: Cut out your super cute design and tape it on your can
Step Eight: Admire your hard work! Add pencils (or whatever you need to store) and Voila! Your own custom pencil holder!
This is what mine ended up looking like:
I wanted something that makes me smile sitting on the desk at which I do so much work, and this definitely does the trick! I mean who doesn't love a cute little birdy?? It totally helps me to focus on The Brighter Things! And what's even better was I did all of this for less than $1! (Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on all scrapbook paper and I all ready had the can, but if you include the can it was still less than $3!) YAY! :)

So, have any of y'all taken on a fun crafty projects lately??

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  1. This a really cheap & cute project! Thanks for linking up to Craft cpoutre Monday.