Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Paint, No Problem!

As we're trying desperately to sell our house, we have gotten into figuring out how to stage it! We've just started so we still have a long way to go with a super short budget, but baby steps, right? Well, we decided that painting over the basically new paint job (our house was built in 2008 so the paint is only like 3 years old) wasn't the best way to get a return on investment. So, we stayed with the all neutral palette going on in our home and decided to add color through curtains and art! Well, this is our first curtain adventure! Here's out it turned out:

I'm pretty pumped! I really need to work on my "before" pictures...I always forget until the task is complete!! Anywho, we tried to hang the curtains as high as possible without looking like they were expecting a flood so we could make our window look as big as possible and our ceilings look super high (unfortunately I didn't know this trick until after I bought the curtains, so their length required us to put them pretty much as the regular height...oh well! Better luck next time) :)
But, since I've never posted pictures of our dining room, this is what the rest of it looks like:

With this little guy in the corner:

And a close up of our centerpiece and place setting:

The wine glass part of the centerpiece we found at a yard sale (there was one broken piece, but I always liked even numbers anyway) ;) The candle was our unity candle in our wedding, and the coasters were a souvenir from our honeymoon in Cozumel, Mexico :)
The plates Blake purchased from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few years ago, and the chargers are from WalMart and a Christmas present from my mom! :)

We're super thrilled about our first curtain hanging adventure being a success! So, we can cross that off of our list and move onto even more fun decorating stuff!!

Have y'all hung any curtains lately? Did you go with a more neutral color to compliment everything else, or use them as a statement piece?

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