Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Call Me Washing McQueen!

Get it? It sounds like washing machine!!! lol I told Blake what I was planning on titling this blog post and he was like what? huh? I didn't get it... So I figured I would spell it out for you guys since Blake is one of the smartest people I know, but sometimes my cheesiness just passes all logic! ;)

Anywho! Amist all the crazy weather and studying for finals on Wednesday, I was doing the wifely thing and doing laundry! Gooo me, right? I only had one more load to go and I would be all caught up (after doing like four loads...I'm terrible about not doing laundry, can you tell?) So I go in to take the clothes out of the washing machine to put them in the dryer and it's still full of water with clothes in it! And I try to turn the machine on (because I've forgotten to close the lid and turn the machine on, but in hindsight, if I had forgotten to turn the machine on, it wouldn't be full of water...) but it wouldn't come on! I got Blake to come in and look and we determined the problem is probably either the switch or the motor.

Then that night, the tornado tore through my hometown, so I wasn't exactly thinking about laundry for a couple of days. When I did remember though, I was like "that's gonna be gross..." I go look and sure enough there's stuff floating around in the water with our clothes in it....disgusting!!! I forgot to take a picture of this....sorry about that! But it was like some kind of film had formed and when we started to get the clothes out it broke up and started floating around. Oh and it smelled soooo bad. But Blake got me my rubber gloves that my maid of honor had gotten me for my bridal shower and I went to work! This is what we had after I got all the clothes out:

Then I moved outside to hand wash all the clothes that were in there and Blake had to figure out how to get all the water out of there. This was my weapon of choice:

And this is me hand washing all the clothes!

Can I just say that as soon as I was outside washing clothes out of a tupperware box with my pink gloves I'm pretty sure my entire neighborhood started coming outside and driving by!! It figures! lol
Anywho, I have no idea if my method was correct, but this was my method for hand washing stinky, dirty clothes:

  1. Fill tupperware box up with fresh water and pour detergent in
  2. Move them around resembling a washing machine (totally failed at this part) ;)
  3. Pour out nasty water
  4. Take out each article of clothing and wring out
  5. Rinse each article of clothing with weapon of choice and wring out as best as you can
  6. Put them in the dryer! (Praise God! I still have a dryer)

While I was doing this, Blake was using his weapon of choice:

Btw, it took 3 full shopvac loads (and we have a 10 gallon 10x3=30 gallons!) I had no idea our washing machine used this much water! Jeez! 

We got everything out and dried and what not! We've decided to buy a new (well new to us, i.e. craigslist) washing machine and dryer instead of getting the washing machine fixed because it is so old that it will probably break down again soon. The dryer is also super old and we've had some problems with it in the past, so I'm pretty excited to get some new stuff! And hopefully they will be front load so I can have a laundry folding place!!! But we'll see and when I know, you'll know, you know? ;)

So! What did you guys do this weekend?

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