Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Fun Hairstyles!

I don't usually do a weekend post, but I also don't usually post about hairstyles so I figured what the heck! :) I found this grrrreat blog called My Yellow Sandbox (of course I found it through Pinterest lol). But Abby (that's the girl who writes the blog) has been doing a challenge; 30 hairstyles in 30 days! It's amazing. They're so easy and so cute! I've done quite a few of the hairstyles she's done but I haven't taken any pictures until I did the knot ponytail last night! But I'm going to be continuing to try pretty much all the hairstyles she's done so I'll update you with my personal tips! Look at some of these hairstyles she's done!

I've actually done three of the four above (although the hair bow was just for fun so I could show Blake)! And I can't wait to try the fourth one (I just need a fancy occasion to wear it to!) She has video tutorials for almost all of her hairstyles, so if you want to try something fun and different head on over there!

Here was my take on the knot ponytail!

Okay, crappy picture I know...but believe it or not it had the best lighting out of all the pictures! (even the five that my husband took!)

And here's how it looks from the front:

And from the side!

In Abby's version, you take part of your hair back and tie it off with an elastic, then you knot your hair around that top part (make sure you do your knot how she says to or it looks reallllly me, I know from experience lol) and then you break your elastic holding the top part of your hair together. In my version, I tied off the top part of my hair with an elastic, but I didn't do it really tightly. I didn't even double it over, it was just enough to hold my hair together, and because of that I didn't have to break one of my elastics! Yay! Now I also have suuuuper thick hair so that may not work for everyone, but you should give it a try!

So head on over to My Yellow Sandbox and get to trying some super fun and easy hairstyles! I think tomorrow I'm going to try the Becky Wannabe or maybe the Braided Bun! I'll let you guys know how it goes! And y'all let me know if you try some of these!

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