Monday, May 9, 2011

A Procrastinator's Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day! Yaaaay for mothers!! :) And true to my procrastinator-self I waited 'til the last minute to start making my mother's day gift. I knew what I was going to do! I just hadn't started it yet...

Here was the plan! I was going to go to Home Depot, get a tile, then print out this cute mother's day printable and make coasters!

Then I was going to make this thingy that I found on Pinterest:

And I was going to do all of that on Saturday. Except...Blake and I forgot. I know! We're terrible! We remembered at about 7:15 Saturday evening and we didn't have anything to make this stuff with! So off to Wal-Mart we went. The plan was to get really cheap frames to put that "I heart you because" in it, but there weren't any white cheap frames and we were afraid that if we tried to paint a crappy frame that it wouldn't work right and we would just waste all of our paint for nothing. We did find some frames there that we liked, but they were $10 each, and that isn't "cheap" to us. So we went to Dollar Tree. Nothing there either. Why are white frames so hard to find??? Ugh, anyways, we went to Home Depot next and got the tiles for the coasters. Unfortunately we didn't look at the tiles really closely because we ended up getting counter top tiles so they had one rounded edge :( We didn't realize that until we got home though so we just had to go with it. On our way home we stopped and picked up the two $10 frames that we I put back in hope of finding cheaper ones.

Once at home, we started with the coasters. Then I realized, poop! We don't have a color printer! So I photoshopped the image, and made it to where we could color with markers inside the lines (Mom's like that kind of stuff, right?). Well, it just didn't quite look right. You could see the lines, I couldn't decide on colors, and then when I ModPodged it, it got all bubbly and the colors bled...see? (That was after I took it off the tile)

After seeing that, Blake wanted to try something new for sure. So off to Dremmel land he went! He wanted to etch the "I Heart Mom" and then paint over it. He's so dang creative...ugh. lol But unfortunately it didn't work out :( He tested it out on the bottom of the tile and it was turning it black because the speed of the dremmel was burning it so he was afraid it would look weird so he opted out. Also keep in mind this was at like 11:30 so I don't blame him for giving up :) I couldn't though! I was on a crafting mission! So I thought through a couple of different options. Try it again but give the markers more time to dry, just put the cardstock on the tile and draw on it, or paint the tile directly. I went with the third choice! And I just used regular acrylic paint! You'll definitely have to modpodge the acrylic paint though because it wanted to chip right off! Here's how it turned out:

Then I just hot glued some felt feet on it and voila! Mother's Day coaster!! The super bright yellow paper was just my painting backdrop btw :) You can definitely tell that I made it. It doesn't look fantastic, but my mom still liked it! So that's okay! :)

Then I moved on to the printing part of the evening! (at like 1:00 a.m.) I found some fonts on (weird name, but they have a huge selection!) and used those! Here is Blake's mom's:

And here is my mom's:

I didn't look at my Pinterest picture at all during this, which is why there is no mat on mine. Darn it! I totally could have made that happen! Those frames came with mats! Poop. Oh well! I think they like them anyway :)

Then I started the clean up process (wouldn't want my hubby to wake up to go to church and see a messy house!) And then I wrapped everything and made it ready to go for in the morning and finished right at 2:00 a.m.!

And yes, that is tissue paper used as wrapping paper! We have a million rolls of wrapping paper but they are all Christmas wrapping paper!!! So tissue paper it was! And that is the end of our Mother's Day gift extravaganza!

We gave them to our moms and they loved them! We wrote on Blake's mom's "of your creativity!" (I heart you because...of your creativity!) and I told my mom that if I had a marker on hand (it was still in gift paper) that I would write "it's mother's day" (today is a  fantastic day's mother's day!).

So what did you guys give your moms for Mother's Day?

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  1. I think your gifts turned out great, and I know the mothers loved them. (Mothers are like that.)