Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Party Time!

The youth group at my church is having a graduation party tonight, and I found some fun stuff on Pinterest that I'm going to try to do!

The first is this cute graduation hat on a stick!

This super cute idea came from Bakerella! All you need are miniature Reese's cups, lollipop sticks, godiva chocolate squares, yellow icing, and air head Xtremes for her version! I went a bit cheaper and just got the mini Reese's cups, snack size hershey bars (which I'll cut into squares with a knife), lollipop sticks, and yellow icing. So we'll see how it goes!

I also want to make this cute little crafty thing!

This is from Crissy's Crafts, and it is made from a paper towel roll, scrapbook paper, and smarties! How cute is that for little favors! Weird thing though, I went to WalMart yesterday to get the smarties to do this, and WalMart didn't have any bags of just smarties! All they had were the massive variety packs that  cost like $6 that you can't tell how many smarties are in the bag! I'm going to go to the dollar store to see if they have any smarties, but if not, I'm going to be super sad!! I mean, it's graduation! Who doesn't make some kind of smartie-related joke/craft/snack! C'mon Wal-Mart! lol

So I'll let you know how all of these turn out and in the mean time, have you ever done crafts for a graduation party? Have you ever been looking for smarties but can't find them? Do you know where I can get some smarties around Birmingham, AL?? lol Hope y'all are having a fabulous day! :)

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